Gretchen Elise performs Wawa at City Hall Plaza, December 2018

Gretchen Elise performs Wawa at City Hall Plaza, December 2018


Everybody Philly born and bred loves Wawa.

Performing for a local arts organization fundraiser in 2017, she wanted to promote a Wawa raffle basket. “I was going to sing [jazz ballad] Black Coffee, but I knew that wouldn’t sell any tickets,” the band leader shares. On the spot she composed an upbeat Caribbean fusion tune with a soca beat: “Everybody jumps with me on this tune. It’s been my most requested song ever, and Wawa needs a theme song, so I figured, I should pitch it.” Currently, she is recording with Philly legend Doug Grigsby, and is approaching Wawa about licensing. She looks forward to having crowds locally and nationally “Wake up and jump!” for Wawa.

A West Philly resident now, Gretchen Elise grew up in Delaware County, regularly passing the Wawa headquarters en route to gymnastics competitions. By high school, she parlayed her talent in choreography into paid work, and by her 20’s, shifted this creative focus in movement into songwriting and composition. Two original jazz-based releases by her eponymous band blending Philly soul with international flavor followed.

Track details:

Wawa ©P 2018 Gretchen Elise Walker (Recording not yet publicly released)
Executive Producer: Gretchen Elise
Production, Engineering, Mixing, Drum Programming, Mastering -  Doug Grigsby
Gretchen Elise - Lead vocals
Naeemah Maddox - BG vocals
Anam Owili-Eger - BG vocals, keys
Jay Davidson - Alto saxophone
Luke Walker - Guitar
Doug Grigsby - Bass
Ricardo Martinó - Drums